The hottest games join Twitch Rivals at TwitchCon!

Get ready for three days of competition in four top games—with over $2,000,000 awarded to streamers.

Here’s the plan...

Rivals Schedule. Day one: Fortnite. Day two: LOL and TFT. Day three: APEX

Day One: Fortnite

Day One: Fortnite

Twitch Rivals will run a Friday Show featuring Fortnite on September 27. The day will offer TwitchCon attendees a chance to compete against top Fortnite streamers in the afternoon. 

Partners who make it into the competition through the Open selection will play three Trios matches each. Each of three waves will qualify the first place Trios in all three matches to the afternoon Superstar Finals. An additional three Trios per wave will advance to the afternoon, based on the most eliminations per wave.

Between each matches, while the Lobby is getting set up, there will be a 1v1 Skill Challenge off-stage to showcase Fortnite players.

After a break for the TwitchCon Keynote, 12 invited Stream Team Trios and the 18 qualified Trios teams from the morning will play across four matches, awarding $1,300,000 in prizing and creating amazing moments for the Twitch Partners who win a match and Twitch viewers who tune into all the action.

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Day Two LOL and TFT

Day Two: League of Legends & Teamfight Tactics 

Day Two starts at 9am PT with the Twitch Rivals League of Legends festivities and a North America versus Europe show match. This best-of-three match pairs qualified Partners from  a League of Legends Road to TwitchCon event taking place prior to TwitchCon on September 4.

Following this, the faces of League of Legends on Twitch will compete in a best of three Rumble on the Rift show match.

At the same time as these two League of Legends matches, Twitch Partners in attendance can compete in an open Teamfight Tactics event. We will have eight lobbies of eight players each live at a time across six rounds. Partners can play in the Open Lobby, with two guaranteed players per Lobby. Winners from the Open Lobby will advance to a Winner’s Lobby. Winners from the Winner’s Lobby will advance to the Finals.

The day will conclude with a 32-player Teamfight Tactics Finals, featuring 12 invited Streamers, eight players from the TFT Road to TwitchCon, and 12 players from the morning’s Winners’ Lobbies. These 32 players will compete in four lobbies; the top eight players will advance to a Final Lobby to be crowned the TwitchCon Champion. Prizing for the Finals is $2,500 per lobby plus a $5,000 winner-take-all prize for the Finals. 

League of Legends:

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Team Fight Tactics:

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Day Three: APEX Legends

Day Three: Apex Legends

Twitch Rivals will run a Sunday Show featuring Apex Legends on September 29. The day offers TwitchCon attendees a chance to compete against top Apex Legends streamers. Partners in the Open selection will play three matches each. 

The Stream Teams will rotate every six matches, forming a “morning group” Group A and an “afternoon group” Group B. In addition to the prizing available for each match, these Stream Teams will compete for a prize pool based on a Placement and Elimination points system across the six matches. 

Four Stream Teams will be invited and six will qualify through the Road to TwitchCon on August 28, August 29, and September 11.

Now that you know what to expect at TwitchCon, be sure to support your favorite streamers all weekend—whether you’re in person or viewing live on /twitchrivals.

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What is Twitch Rivals?
Twitch Rivals is a series of competitive events designed from the ground up for Twitch streamers and viewers. 2019 will include over 100 event days, featuring new formats, games, interactive Twitch Extensions, and millions of dollars in prize money.

What is Twitch Rivals: Road to TwitchCon?
The Road to TwitchCon will qualify select Partners from Europe and North America, awarding flights, hotels, TwitchCon badges, and a guaranteed spot in the tournaments. In addition to the Road to TwitchCon, any attending Partner or Affiliate at TwitchCon San Diego will have a chance to compete in the competition.

Where can I watch these events? 
All of these events will be streamed on and on the competing streamer’s channels. 

More questions? 

Visit the full FAQ here