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Rustlingrose and Cobalt

Love at First Stream

feat. Rustlingrose & CobaltStreak

Throughout the year we’ll be sharing the stories of some of our favorite streamers who will be attending TwitchCon. Stay tuned throughout the summer for more!

Most people go to TwitchCon to meet friends, make memories, and celebrate their love of everything Twitch. But during last year’s TwitchCon, one man took bleeding purple to the next level by proposing to his girlfriend in front of friends and fans alike. Now, they have a house with two dedicated streaming rooms and a baby on the way.

This is the story of CobaltStreak and Rustlingrose, two streamers who found more than just memes in Twitch chat—they found love…

*cue emotional movie trailer music*

I was just like ‘Oh, hey. Want to play some games?’ because he seemed really nice.

They say opposites attract, but Cobalt and Rose must be the exception to the rule. Both often play and stream competitive, difficult games,though Rose gravitates toward shooters like Counter-Strike: GO and Call of Duty (she’s a former pro player of the latter), and Cobalt prefers roguelikes: Faster Than Light, Don’t Starve, and The Binding of Isaac, which put him on the map in the first place.

“There weren’t many people who were good at The Binding of Isaac,” Cobalt said. “So I really filled that niche. There just wasn’t anybody playing the game, and now there’s a whole page. I feel like I got into it at the perfect time.”

Rose’s story is more bittersweet. After her mom passed away, she took a break from everything, including nursing school. “I needed some time to myself, and I started getting really involved in video games again,” Rose said. “I was playing StarCraft II competitively at the time. I wanted people to help me get better at the game, so people could give me advice, and that’s why I started streaming games.”

The two streamed separately on Twitch, building their communities. They may never have met if, one day, five years ago, Cobalt hadn’t been in the mood to troll.

“I’m trying to think of a way to not make myself sound bad,” Cobalt said, clearly about to say something that would sound bad. “My friend and I were just hanging out one day on voice chat, and we decided it would be fun to go look…”

“For girls!” Rose said, finishing Cobalt’s sentence for him.

“For League of Legends streams that… may not have been the best streams,” he said.

“They were looking for girls,” she countered.

Cobalt joined her chat with the intent to cause some mischief, but he ended up actually enjoying the stream and playing League with her. “I was one of her viewers,” Cobalt said. “I played games with her. She had a boyfriend at the time. I had a girlfriend.”

“I didn’t want her to feel intimidated,” he said, “because Rose is, like, smokin’.”

“I didn’t know he was a streamer,” Rose said. “I was just like ‘Oh, hey. Want to play some games?’ because he seemed really nice.”

After playing games together for months, they both made plans to attend a PAX event. She was working the Ubisoft stage, and he wanted to say hello. “I had a new girlfriend at the time,” Cobalt said. “I was like ‘Stay here, girlfriend.’ I’m going to be right back. I need to go say hello to a friend.”

“I didn’t want her to feel intimidated,” he said, “because Rose is, like, smokin’.”

They finally met and hit it off, but after Rose extended an offer for Cobalt and his girlfriend to hang out, he bailed.

“I was like, well, damn,” Rose said.

Two more years of friendship later, Rose and Cobalt met up again at PAX South. A few months later, Rose invited Cobalt to E3. The two started dating soon after.

At TwitchCon last year, in San Diego, Cobalt popped the question on the beach in beautiful San Diego. He’d been planning the event for a few months with the help of his friend, Mel, who helped find the spot on the beach, rented it, ordered drinks, invited friends and fans, and even provided a bonfire and s'mores.

“We had flowers there which were actually awkward in hindsight because they were in a vase,” Cobalt said. “I handed her a big vase and she was, like, trying to hug me.”

Rustlingrose and Cobalt
We’ve been very fortunate to have our families support us in what we’re doing. We wouldn’t be streamers without that support.

Cobalt and Rose now have a baby on the way, due in November only a few weeks after TwitchCon. The two already have experience balancing their streaming careers for their relationship, but soon, the difficulty will be turned up to the max.

“I stream from 5-11pm every day… so I’m extremely passionate and committed about my job,” Cobalt said. “It pays our bills. It’s what gives us a future, and if that goes, what do I have? It was different when I was streaming for myself and I was single and I didn’t care if I was eating ramen and living at home with my parents. I’ll live on $12,000 a year. I don’t care, as long as I can do what I love. But when you involve a fiance and a kid and a family, and you have pets, that responsibility really drives you…”

Cobalt is up until daylight almost every day, going to sleep around 6am. In order to take care of their baby and allow each other to stream, Rose will rest during standard sleeping hours, and when she wakes up in the morning, Cobalt will sleep and she will take over.

“Basically, outside of my six streaming hours, I’m just going to do whatever she tells me to do.”

“If you’re both streamers, you have to understand that there are sacrifices that are going to have to be made to keep both people streaming and to keep your relationship alive,” Rose said.

Though baby isn’t here yet, the two already have domestic experience and support in their lives. They share a home in Memphis, which has two separate streaming rooms on opposite sides of the house in order to keep noise bleed to a minimum. “He’s really loud,” Rose said. Living in Memphis isn’t just cheap; it keeps them close to family, which is perfect for when they both need to travel to a convention and need a babysitter.

Basically, outside of my six streaming hours, I’m just going to do whatever she tells me to do.

Even their communities, each five years strong, are offering support in their own way.

“We get so many baby pictures now from people in our communities,” Rose said. “People have gotten married too. They’ll leave for six months, come back, and be like ‘Hey, I got married!’” They’re also very accepting of the new hours Rose will have to keep, and the possibility that sometimes they may be too tired to stream regularly.

And as for their own child, he or she will be given a strict gaming regimen, according to Cobalt, starting with Leapfrog-type brain games, and slowly working into classic platformers. “We’re not going to force it, but we will give them the tools,” he said. “If they want to play basketball instead, go for it! That’s fine. NBA Jam is cool too.”

“They can do whatever they want,” Rose said. “We’ve been very fortunate to have our families support us in what we’re doing. We wouldn’t be streamers without that support.”

Rose most likely will not be at TwitchCon this year (the baby is due!), but Cobalt plans to attend as long as Rose isn't close to being in labor. If you see him at TwitchCon, be sure to say hello and wish the three of them well.