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Play the Tutorial: Essential Business & Legal Advice for Every Streamer

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  • Saturday 10/27
  • 1:30 PM
  • Creator Camp
  • 60 min
You have your overlays, emotes and sub badges. You know how to put on a show and do it with style every time you go live. But how good are you with taxes, contracts, and budgets? Your streaming skills may be maxed out but how far along are you in your skill tree as a business owner? Your brand is your business so make sure you are equipped to succeed behind the camera too. Let this panel guide you on your quest to transform streaming from a part-time hobby to a rewarding career. Come listen as two lawyers, a financial planner, and a CPA share their expertise on how to successfully operate your channel as a business. We'll discuss what some of your financial and legal challenges may look like. Trust us, this is one tutorial you cannot afford to skip!



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