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Online Content, Endorsements & Influencers: #ThereIsSomeLaw

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  • Saturday 10/27
  • 3:00 PM
  • Creator Camp
  • 60 min
Are you getting paid to stream a game? Throw on a #ad and you’re good to go… right? What if you only got free product? Social media & sharing platforms mean that producing and monetizing content has never been easier, but there are rules to follow. Not just the site/platform rules (terms of service, etc.) either. The FTC wants you to mention endorsements and promotional considerations. Companies, sponsors, leagues, and platforms have brand concerns and might flag you for misconduct. As Twitch grows, so will the deals. That means there will be more parties involved such as government regulators, sponsors, and your viewers! Join esports, video game, and new media lawyers, who will help guide you through the tricky world of publishing content online. We’ll talk about what and when you need to disclose and how to protect yourself and your business.



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