Everything you need to know about TwitchCon San Diego

San Diego Convention Center

20-22 September 2024

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Everything you need to know about TwitchCon San Diego
Submit Your Ideas for TwitchCon San Diego 2024

If you’ve got a great idea for TwitchCon and are ready to take the stage, we want to hear from you!

Submit your session ideas or Artist Alley booth application by May 13 at 11:59pm PT.

Please read the guidelines for each submission category before applying. You just need to be 18+ years old, have a Twitch account, and have an idea! It’s that simple. Submit your ideas and help make TwitchCon San Diego a weekend to remember.

Do submit fully formed ideas.
Do only include consenting and available participants.
Do curate for a diverse audience
Don’t submit participants who haven’t confirmed interest.
Don’t submit the same idea more than once.
Don’t forget to think outside the box & have fun!

What’s going down?

Catch your favourite streamers

Don’t miss the streamers you love IRL in Rotterdam! Say hey during Meet & Greets, watch as they take the Glitch Theater stage, or learn something new during their Q&A panels.

Level up your stream

Whether you’re a newbie or a streaming veteran, learn how to create engaging streams, grow your community, work with brands, and more through Creator Camp sessions, presented by Twitch and experts from our community.

Watch Twitch Rivals

Watch your favourite streamers join forces and duke it out across an array of games in two full days of competitive live shows!

Find your community and more

Most of all, TwitchCon is about coming together with the people who get you. Hang with friends new and old as you hit the Loot Cave, catch a DJ set at Kappa Cabana, or snag some exclusive art in Artist Alley.