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This TwitchCon, come team up with Twitch Partners and build an awesome new Extension in just 24 hours—from Saturday morning to Sunday morning. 

Calling all devs

TwitchCon is partnering up with Major League Hacking to throw a 24-hour hackathon! Here’s how it will work:

Partnered streamers will pitch us ideas for new and useful Extensions. We’ll vet their ideas, and then teams of up to four hackers (that’s you!) will race to create prototypes of those Extensions by the end of the Hackathon. This is your chance to work alongside creators, understand their needs, and build something that has a real, positive impact on the community.

This year’s TwitchCon Hackathon will take place from the morning of Saturday, September 28th until the morning of Sunday, September 29th. You’ll be hacking right alongside the rest of TwitchCon in the San Diego Convention Center.

All accepted attendees will receive a three-day TwitchCon badge, free food, swag, and prizes. Plus, winning projects will be promoted on the TwitchCon stream, a TwitchDev blog post, and on the creator dashboard once they go live.


  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Teams must be no larger than four members and can be formed before or at the start of the event.
  • Each participant may only work on one project.
  • A project may not have any code dedicated to it until hacking begins on the Saturday of the event. Setting up your development environment with SDKs in advance is fine (and recommended).
  • Projects must be Twitch Extensions and must be built as close to the chosen Extension concept as possible.
  • Projects must be submitted by the time hacking ends on the Sunday of the event. After that, presentation materials may be worked on but no more design/development can be done on the submission.
  • Submissions will be judged on creativity, utility, presentation, and that special “Twitch” factor.


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a software development contest that gives you 24 hours to bring a project to life following certain restrictions. They are spaces for passion, creativity, and innovation—plus, they are great opportunities to learn new technologies and meet other builders.

How will *this* hackathon work? 

The TwitchCon Hackathon will begin Saturday morning, with the list of hackable Extension concepts being revealed. Each team will pick one streamer’s project to work on from the list. After the opening session, hacking begins! Food will be provided; sleep will be optional. 24 hours later we’ll demo the projects. Entries will be judged based on functionality, design, and other criteria, and prizes will be awarded for top Extensions. Winners will receive trophies, blog recognition, and a featured Extension slot.

What are Twitch Extensions?

Twitch Extensions are interactive web apps that enhance how viewers and streamers interact with each other in real time. They enable you to create live, interactive experiences, such as mini games, leaderboards, live gear information, and more, either on top of the stream, in chat, or below the video in a panel. Learn more here.

What skills do I need? 

Extensions are basically static webpages displayed over the top of or just below the video on a channel. So, you can easily create an Extension using HTML, CSS, and JS—just like any other website. And, of course, you can use frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, etc. to build your Extensions.

Who can participate?

This hackathon is open to anyone who is at least 18 years of age.

Can I hack with a team?

Yes! You can hack alongside a team of three other members—up to a total of four. Team creation is informal, so feel free to build an alliance before or at the event; however, all team members must apply and be selected to participate individually. We will hold a team-building session at the beginning of the event for anyone who is still LFG.

What should I bring?

Your awesomeness. Other than that, the Hackathon lasts 24 hours, so we recommend a laptop, charger, headphones, light sweater, and hygiene products to stay fresh.

Can I submit a project I’ve worked on in the past?

Out of fairness to other participants, all submissions must have no work dedicated to them before hacking begins.

What can I win? 

Winners will receive trophies, blog recognition, and a featured Extension slot on Twitch so streamers can easily find and activate your new Extension.

Are there any examples of past winners?

Yep. Read more about all the winners from last year’s TwitchCon Hackathon here.

Where can I read the full rules?

The complete rules are right here.