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Developer Day

October 19, 2017

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Developer Day


Join us at the first ever Developer Day at TwitchCon! A day dedicated to helping game creators and stream-tool developers build their businesses in one of the largest and most engaged communities in the world.

  • LOOK under the hood at the new Twitch API
  • HEAR from game developers about best practices in building engaged communities
  • FIND out what drives your players; who they’re watching, and what brings them back
  • REACH a greater audience beyond the community that already embraces your game
  • DISCOVER new ways to deliver unique player and viewer experiences throughout the game lifecycle by using solutions from Twitch and Amazon Game Services

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to amp up your game!


We are in the process of finalizing our schedule. Speakers and sessions will be announced soon!


Tickets for Developer Day also include a three-day pass to TwitchCon. It’s a great way for developers to get more from the overall TwitchCon experience! If you DO NOT pick up your tickets to TwitchCon at Developer Day, you will have to purchase new tickets at the door. Request a Ticket

Due to space constraints, we will be ensuring that all guests are developers and game creators ready to get the most from the Twitch community.


Do I need to be a game developer or programmer to get into Developer Day  at TwitchCon?

Not necessarily. Attendees involved are developers and programmers who’d like to build their businesses with Twitch, including developers working on streaming-tools.

What if I have already purchased my ticket to TwitchCon?

You can still request a ticket to Dev Day. If you receive a ticket, this will be added to your overall pass.

I cannot attend, are there ways for me to participate in other ways?

Portions of Developer Day will be live streamed on our TwitchDev channel. The sessions we can’t stream live, we will post as VOD. You can also Sign Up for the Twitch Developers newsletter for updates where we will showcase a range of solutions to help you make innovative and shareable content.

When will the Sessions be announced?

Since this is our first Developer Day at TwitchCon, we’re hand-crafting the finest content as we speak. Be sure to follow @TwitchDev on Twitter and Sign Up for the Twitch Developers newsletter for updates. When its ready, we'll post it here.