TwitchCon is approaching, and when we said everyone was invited, we meant it. Artist Alley is back, and it’s going to be packed with painters, sculptors, printmakers, 3D modelers, quilt makers, dice designers, plushie producers, and folks from all other creative corners of the internet.

Taking a stroll through Artist Alley is the best way to experience the best of the Creative community at TwitchCon. Swing by and see your favorite artist’s work in person, meet new creators, and purchase cool, custom, nerdy stuff to take back home. Some of them will be accepting commissions too, so go ahead and get that custom headcanon fan art you’ve always wanted.

Check out the full list of artists here.

TwitchCon attendees, if you pick up something cool from Artist Alley, share a picture on social with the hashtag #TwitchCon! Get your tickets now and we’ll see you at in San Jose on October 26.