A streamer roast. A cosplay contest. A game show. A live D&D session. They told us it wasn’t possible, but we crammed all of this TwitchCon content and more into one amazing place: Glitch Theater.

Not only is Glitch Theater where we’ll kick the weekend off with our Keynote from the CEO, it’s home to nine other events below that you don’t want to miss. Full dates and times are coming soon, so get your tickets, and we’ll see you October 26-28 in San Jose!

Streamer Showdown: Three Twitch Partners. One battle of wits. During this game show, the streamers will fight for points in various mini-games to earn your favor and become the champion.

A Year in Clips: Watch 10 of the most popular Clips of the year, plus the year’s best fails, scares, plays, and more. It’s all coming your way thanks to itmeJP, Elspeth, trihex, and merrykish.

TwitchCon Roast: TimTheTatman: Roast Master SourKoolAidShow is back, and his next victim is TimTheTatman. The all-star panel of Roasters includes Ninja, DrLupo, iamtrevormay, and actionjaxon.

Dropped Frames Live: A live episode of the weekly podcast focused on Twitch and streaming. Don’t miss the special TwitchCon episode with itmejp, cohhcarnage, and ezekiel_iii!

Cosplay Contest: Watch your fellow TwitchCon attendees bring fandom to life with the yearly TwitchCon Cosplay Contest. Come see who will take home the $15,000 grand prize!

PJSaltan All-Stars: It’s not TwitchCon without a bit of salt. Hosted by djWHEAT and AnnaProsser, the super serious competition between Twitch streamers is back, and this time, so are the previous PJSaltan winners: Ezekiel_III, CiraCorellia, FuturemanGaming, BlessRNG, Ms_Vixen, MegKaylee, iKasperr, and TheNo1Alex. However, only one will lift the legendary Golden PJSaltan Shaker.

D&D Beyond Presents: Dice, Camera, Action LIVE!: Legendary DM Chris Perkins is gathering the cast of D&D’s official weekly show for a live TwitchCon episode! Watch as CommanderHolly, ProJared, NateWantsToBtl, and AnnaProsser are joined by special guests (Felicia Day, Xavier Woods, Malik Forte, and VividVivka) as they continue their role-playing adventure.

Twitch Yearly: Join djWHEAT, AnnaProsser, and some special guest speakers to look back over this year in Twitch’s history, celebrate the Twitch community, and send TwitchCon 2018 off in style.

Spotlight Stage: Nobody wants to look at an empty stage between events, so join CupAhNoodle and DeeJayKnight for an extra glimpse into TwitchCon with the Spotlight Stage! They’ll interview Twitch Partners about their channels, what they’re up to at TwitchCon, and tons more.

Tickets are going fast, so if you STILL haven’t picked yours up, head over to the tickets page and buy yours today. It won’t be the same without you…