Artist Alley

Welcome to the most creative corner of TwitchCon. Paintings, jewelry, illustrations—there’s something here for everybody.

Artist Alley is a place to meet and hang out with creators of all kinds, commission new artwork (including custom emotes for your channel), or sell your hand-crafted wares to the Twitch community. 

Artist Alley Map

Artist Alley Map

Map of the Artist Alley


I’m a Partner/Affiliate. Will I be able to get my Partner/Affiliate badge for TwitchCon to get access to those perks?
If you are a Partner or Affiliate, we’ll work with each accepted artist to ensure they will get tagged appropriately.  

Do I need a CA seller’s permit?
Yes. More info on this will be shared if you are accepted. If you’d like to do some research ahead of time, you can do that here

Can I use Glitch/Twitch logo/Twitch trademarks in creating my works?
We’re glad you asked. Yes, you can, but there is some fine print: 

  • Your work must be used for personal purposes only—it cannot be for sale
  • You’ll need to follow our brand guidelines
  • You cannot mass produce the works (create more than 2) 
  • You can give them away, but not as a prize in a sweepstakes or contest 
  • You can give them away but not as a prize in a sweepstakes or contest

Will I be able to request a booth next to someone?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate requests like this. TLDR: we’ve tried this 

once before and weren’t able to make everyone happy. To keep everything fair, we’ll randomize the layout of Artist Alley. 

Can I purchase multiple booths?
No. Due to a high demand for space, we cannot allow the purchase of multiple booths. 

My question isn’t answered! Where can I ask something else or for more clarification?
Feel free to email